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[Action: Awakening ((Closed))]

[Sasuke is not enjoying getting used to being unsure of things. But he is - unsure - and finds that while the things he is unsure of are troubling, the state of unsurety isn't as terrifying as it used to be.]

[Right now, there are two very important things he's unsure of: whether he's alive or dead, and, if the second, whether this is heaven or hell.]

[The last thing he remembers? His deranged excuse for a... cousin of sorts? Taking on the ten-tails as its container. And now he's here - wherever here is - standing in a stranger's bedroom, holding a photograph of his brother with (presumably) that stranger. He awoke nearly naked with a pair of wings sprouted from his own back, and now he's somewhere with evidence of one of the dead. What else could have happened?]

We lost, huh...?

[Something like guilt makes a feeble case for life in his chest, but it's hard to feel guilty when you don't remember an ending. Instead he's just... staring at this photograph. One thumb swipes idly across the cool glass, over Itachi's face, half-expecting it to vanish once obstructed. It doesn't.]

[He's not sure whether to feel a sense of final relief - he's here, and, it seems, so is Itachi - or sick doom - who the hell is this complete stranger who's gotten to share in his brother's... something. Not life, maybe, but...]

[The Itachi in the picture is almost smiling, and his eyes look more alive than Sasuke remembers since they were very small.]

[Action: Examination ((Sometime Later; Open))]

[Sasuke is - a little bit of everywhere. He doesn't exactly believe... most of this. Half thinks this is some sadistic side-plot in Obito's (Madara's?) ridiculous Moon's Eye genjutsu (keeps having to remind himself he wouldn't know that exists if that were the case). So he's exploring - barracks, apartments, the shrine, the forest - here one moment, maybe lingering to examine (Sharingan blazing red the entire time) - and then gone in a flicker, off to the next place. He's not taking particular care to remain hidden (really, he doesn't care who sees him in what may be a fake or an illusion or a dream), but he's not being loud about his presence either.]

[Follow-Up Action: Drained ((Closed to Sakura))]

[One thing Sasuke should maybe have done was paid attention to the tidbits he's heard about halved powers, weakened chakra, difficulty... being, as a shinobi.]

[Because now, feeling more physically real than he has the entire time he's been here - how could he be this bone-tired in a dream? - he's slumped on hands and knees on the riverbank just to the north of town, eyes fading back and forth between blazing red and dim grey-black, breath harsh in and out of his lungs. How did he run so quickly out of chakra? How did Sharingan run him so quickly out of chakra?]

[His eyes fade back to dull black and stay there at last, and he lifts a hand to brush sweaty bangs out of his eyes, feeling at once overheated and clammy. Maybe he's had his question answered, finally, and this is hell.]

[Voice: Greeting ((Sometime Later; Open))]

--believe this thing - hm.

[It's a voice some will recognize.]

If paper can really record - whatever. I'm told I've been here before. I don't think I believe that. I certainly don't remember it.

Some of you know me. That's fine. Some of you would rather you didn't, and that's fine too.

I don't know what you know and I don't know what kind of bullshit this jutsu or hell or whatever it is is pulling, and I don't entirely care.

You should know I'm no longer an enemy of Konoha.

Believe me or don't, but I don't intend to fight you.

[There's a shift, and a few long seconds of tape-recorder not-quite-silence, followed by a muffled shuffle of movement over paper before the recording ends.]
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voice; SORRY ITS LATE backdated to when he arrived ;;

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[It isn't a voice she knows.

But she knows 'enemy of Konoha' and that rattles her already frayed nerves from everything ELSE that has happened this week.]

Who are you?
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You're the one that mentioned you were an enemy of Konoha!
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Yeah, I noticed.

So what kind of person even admits that at all? Who are you?

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Yeah, I'd say the opposite of quiet because you just broadcasted the information to everyone in Luceti so now they know too.


Because I'm from Konoha. Who are you?

[kushina can't dance but she can argue like nobody's business!]
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Who are you?
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[There's a small pause as if she's waiting for his answer and then she releases an annoyed grunt.]

And you're irritating, ya know? [What's that? DATTEBANE. Sure was.]

A missing-nin from Konoha. [A looonger pause.]

... You can't be Obito.
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[He might hear a small exhale of air when he only says she got the CLAN right.]

What? [She didn't say anything about Naruto. But he knows Naruto, an Uchiha that knows Naruto but isn't Obito and is a missing-nin.

Who the hell-]

You're not Madara either, right?

[Or FUGAKU. That would be bad too. Mikoto's grumpy husband.]
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[Sounds like a bratty child.

But okay, that's a no. She's really getting frustrated now.]

Just tell me who you are and I don't have to keep guessing your whole clan. I'm out of missing nins from the Uchiha to choose from.
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... We live together.

[She's getting suspicious now and she's already mamabear protective of her son.]

Who are you?
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[There's a little sound of surprise on her end and then silence.

This person is very sharp to pick up something like that from their short conversation. She must have slipped up somewhere, let her damn verbal quirk get caught up in a sentence without her noticing because that's the only thing they can hear -- her voice. It was harder to stop it when she was emotionally charged and this person was annoying enough to get her to that point.

And she still doesn't know who it is. Her voice isn't as annoyed or harsh or suspiscious anymore. In fact, she's almost smiling when she confirms, a silent and genuine pride for who she is for once.

Not Tomato. Not Red Hot-Blooded Habanero. Not the Kyuubi jinchuriki. But Naruto's mother.]

Yeah. I guess you really know how I know him now.

[And RIGHT BACK into irritation.]

So who are you?

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Uchiha Sasuke?

[It's more questioning at first, like the name isn't familiar to her. And then she remembers. Not long before she was having her own baby, her Naruto, just like Mikoto. Sasuke's mother is holding a little bundle that Kushina SWEARS is a girl the first time she sees him. And how she confesses she hopes Naruto and Sasuke can be friends.

Is that how he knew Naruto? But why a missing-nin? Why an enemy of Konoha?

And she called him irritating! Not that he didn't deserve it because he was being a jerk but she finally sounds not as rough anymore. There's almost laughter but she's still a bit angry.]

You know, that was no way to treat someone who knew you when you were just a baby.
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Does that mean I don't have to answer yours?

[It's the same reason she didn't answer his (not really) until he guessed who she was completely. He still doesn't have her name though. Maybe just knowing she was Naruto's mother is enough.

That isn't what she's expecting to come from him next (a sorry would have been preferable) it takes a bit before she responds.]

Yeah, we were friends. You looked just like her when you were a baby. I thought you were a girl since you were pretty cute.

[Part of her almost doesn't believe it's Sasuke, but when he asks that, when she realizes it's possible, it makes her a little less angry and more curious. Only a son would ask about his mother right away. It makes her wonder though; Sasuke knew his mom too, why is he asking her?]

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[There's a confused silence from Kushina. Sasuke should know what she was like, that's his mother. Unless he means, of course, when she was younger.

But something doesn't FEEL right. Something unsettles her.]

Mikoto? She was--

[One of the few she could call a true friend. When everyone else picked on her, Mikoto didn't. When she got older and girls began to envy her, Mikoto didn't. When marriage and children lessened their time together, Mikoto still never changed.

And then Kushina envied Mikoto. She always looked so happy when she visited and watched her there with Itachi, and her belly round with, what she could guess now, was Sasuke. She didn't have to worry about a bijuu ruining everything. But Mikoto helped her more times than she could count just being there and being so content with her family. It made Kushina happy to see such a good person had a life fitting for her; untroubled and perfect.

It made Kushina want her own family, even with the risks.]

One of the nicest people I knew.

But you should know that. You probably spent more time with her than I did.

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